What Is The Boggz Project?

WIPs from our “Superbills” collection, currently under development

We produce unique, collectible digital renderings of currency as works of art, and sell them as NFTs.

We work with a different artist to create a new collection of digital art that examines our relationship with money, its power and place in society and its shifting forms around the world. Each series will have a unique theme and run size, with currency country of origin and denomination(s) decided cooperatively with the artist.

Inspired by the practice of creating limited runs of hand-embellished lithos — a popular way for collectors to acquire original art at an affordable price — each impression in the artist’s series is unique and verified as an NFT, or non-fungible token.

When the works are complete, we “mint” unique, irreplaceable cryptographic tokens (NFTs) that contain each piece of digital art, as well as all rights to display, distribute and resell them.

These tokens are offered for sale on well-established NFT platforms, such as Mintable and Opensea. Because they’re produced on-chain, our NFTs can be held in any compatible wallet. In other words, even when you buy a Boggz NFT on Opensea, for example, it’s held in your personal wallet and is therefore fully portable.

Showcase Screen Image Sample

For more info, refer to our FAQ.